Your partner on the exchange of commodity market

From primary consultation, to the complete package of decisions.

As we work:


You give a commission to the broker on acquisition of exchange commodity


We render assistance in the search of the transparent pricing during exchange sales


We design a transaction on the basis of the real demand and supply promoting the inflow of clients


You get an exchange certificate, control and guarantee of execution of transactions

About our company

“ATC Brok” LLP Broker company is accredited and posessing status of complete member of exchange with a right to participate in trading in all sections of “ETS” Commodity Exchange” JSC

“ETS” Commodity Exchange” JSC (hereinafter – ETS exchange), is recognized as complying with the requirements established by the Rules of the organization and conduct of trading in liquefied petroleum gas through electronic trading platforms approved by order of the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan #481 dated December 06, 2018 in order to organize trading in the CIS.

Our main task is customer servicing at the exchange market of Kazakhstan, within the framework of rules of exchange trade. On the search of potential partners, with a maximal benefit for all parties, directed on the conclusion of transactions on exchange commodities. Control and execution of transactions by all participants of exchange trade is executed, cooperation with all infrastructure of auctions is carried out at the best market price for customer’s purposes.

01. Client-orientation

We understand that clients are people for whom we work. For us every Client is important, therefore we prefer individual approach. For us there are no non-significant details, any client’s application is an important moment in our work.

02. Stable relations

We came to the exchange market in order to build strong customer relations. Today we aspire to excellent work. Tomorrow we plan new aims and results.

03. Modern approach

Market lays down the terms and rules that require breakthrough solutions. Radically new technologies and communications are required. We pay special attention to development of these directions, constantly raising and improving own competence.

04. Pursuit of perfection

We are not satisfied with what has already been achieved - we always look ahead and pursue the objectives!

Services and commodities

commercial suggestion

“ATC Brok” company is open for collaboration, offering services customers from primary consultation, to the complete package of solutions with complete support, to the companies of different fields of activity to deliver and purchase the following products:

We offer the following services at the exchange market:

  • organization of access to trading and conclusion of transactions by agreement on providing broker services on the basis of commission;
  • advantageous tariffs on broker service;
  • search of optimal prices and contractors with real market prices formed on the basis of demand and supply during exchange sales;
  • increase of volumes of sales and entry into new export markets through a commodity exchange;
  • transparency and safety of transactions, guarantees of performance of obligations; delivery in the agreed terms;
  • timeliness and authenticity of information on performance of obligations;
  • flexible contractual politics (work with the postponement of payment);
  • provision of anyplace online- access to trading from any electronic device;
  • purchase of subsPetroleum products users;
  • public purchasing according to the bill of exchange goods (in the mode of double meeting auction).

Mode of exchange trade:

  • double, cross anonymous auction;
  • anonymous exchange auction;
  • classic mode of trading (address transactions).


  • Concerning the issue of obligatory trading through commodity exchanges of the products, included into the Bill of exchange goods and minimum size of the presented parties that will be realized through commodity exchanges, approved by the Decree of Government of Republic of Kazakhstan # 375 dated 06.04.2011.


Our company has a state license


030000 Kazakhstan, Аktobe
+7 701 788 99 33